Friday, September 2, 2011

SM Marikina Fashion Show Aug 29,2011

One rainy Sunday Morning
2 cute kiddos off to SM Marikina for a Fashion Show

Stage Momma .. and stylist  :P

Done with the hairdo.. I braid it :P

kids playing while waiting for the final rehearsal :)

playing while at break..

Now getting ready for the SHow...

Nanny and Yna helping me with the kids..

Stage is ready It's Show time!!!

High School Musical attire collection w/ kirakins

High School musical collection- Aliyah

Red and white w/ Zagu sponsor w/ akira

and Aliyah .. cute!!

Sports collection- Akira

Aliyah on Swim wear.. 

Kirakins on formal attire

Aliyah with her Red gown 
Tired Mommy and kirakins... Final show up :P

That's all folk!!
Until next event :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


No such amount value of money can buy true kids happiness

Kids FuNtime @ McDo after we attend Sunday mass :)
taken: Aug 14,2011 

My Horoscope for today :P
(I guess I should be behaving or might I get screwed up) LOL

Don't knock yourself out trying to impress some authority figure in your social circle today - chances are you have a mistaken impression about their value system or beliefs anyway, and you could end up making the opposite impression from your intention.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I tried to be strong..
but, cant help sometimes It trigger my insecurities
I fight .. I fight for us.. 

I want everything just get back to normal..
my head is like spinning wheel.. 
my hearts bleed but controlled so i dnt soaked with depression

I want to stay positive.. but i want to be happy
and feel love again ...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life is like you travel a long road... 
sometime straight
sometime narrow
sometimes cool and smooth
sometimes rough
you need to turn left
sometimes you need to turn right...
go.. for the green light
stop for the red light..
until you come to the place where you wanted to go 
and there stop for a while and rest or 
do whatever you need to do


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy for my friends.. Maggie and Jazz

Oh wow I have 2 friends in a row from y30 having happy moments being in love and one will be mommy soon.. we've learned a lot from each other about relationship and even we seldom chat and not seen each other but I know deep in our heart  we care and have this invisible friendship bond .

Our life is like a roller coaster.. sad, happy, failure, inspired.. sometimes giving up.. but, holding our faith to God keeps us alive, strong and looking for the positive outlook which been rewarded ..

TeVa and JaZz.. Just been married this year and now going to have a baby woohhooo!!
Congrats sissy!! Love you !

And My Friend Meigie.. Congrats!!
I'm just so happy for you finally you guys tied your knot :)