Wednesday, May 25, 2011

anNiveRsary :)

Happy anniversary, Hun!!… Let this date don’t stop us from enjoying life and loving each other every single day of it! I wish many happy returns with all my heart! And I'm glad that this very same date you were born and that makes our life more colorful coz we are hitting 2 birds in one shot :)

Labsya cRazNuTs!! Lets kick soMe moRe aRse!! hehehe so we can finally make our dreams to reality :)

Just Kids sis SoMethin' for their dad

AkiRa's Kins drawing/greeting for his dad!!

Lee pAnTs!! Love daddy so Much!! 

ReggiE boy!! greetings to Dad!!

Kids doddle for thier daddy : first thing in the morning oh his birthdate they are so freaking exited how to greet thier dad.. of corz singing birthday song on cam with showing up thier doddles :)

such sweet sweet kids parents to be proud  of! :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is for my HuNny.. Happy Anniversary!!

  • Its beautiful and its pure
    I never realized how much I could grow to love in just a few short months.. how powerful it be in every aspect. How it would grow and evolve…
    A man message me one day…. race and names aren’t important … It was attractive, exciting and very sexy.. he had an ability to say just the perfect thing to me.. not a perfect comment as a sweet error… just a perfect thing that spoke to me.. my own perfection..
    I thought at first he just want a cyber fun (which I dont entertain)... so I avoid him.. that there was a little substance behind actions.. but I quickly grew to realized that there was a depth on this man.. a surprising kindness, a vulnerability, often masked, but I saw cracks.. I saw a man a very long, and a very hard, and often unfulfilling life.. one who yearned for something more but never believe he’d really got it…
    Life isn’t fairytale after all… this aren’t things he told me. . These are my own observations.. i cant speak for him, only for me..
    I made decision. I struggle with it at first. I also fear rejections, betrayal, unacceptance… I also have a past but mine has forged on me an ability to see into others, to be able to read their needs and be that for them.. I desire to want to help heal when I see the pain.. it wasn’t completely altruistic.. I am very attracted to him.. I desired him a great deal …and decision to love him is not lightly made..
    However, It is set in stone… I  will love him, unconditionally.. not a selfish love that demands.. a selfish love that accepts, shares, heals, leads by example rather than words..  will be an unconditional soft spot, a place to fall back, a place free of judgment and guilt..
    I didn’t do it for pity if you knew him, he is not to be pitied… he is an exceptional man in so many ways… it just this one thing he lacked
    I love this man and I want to give him what he desperately needed in life, and I wanted him to give it to me as well…
    It wrapped around me his love. even as I wrapped around him.. I didn’t try to change his everyday behavior.. I just showed him possibilities.. a hope.. a truth.. and let that teach him what it would…
    In return I watched this man grow, become shapeshift into something so much more beautiful than he was before… stronger..more whole…
    Sure there was ups and down.. his past , my past, those ghost, remember hunny?? How they whisper and swirl around as always, even as we politely asked them to leave. Scream for them go… whimper for them to leave us be… but there was so much beauty than ever there was pain..every moment enjoyed.. every minute is precious…
    Hope my heart with our combined strength could defeat this demons.. I thought for sure we could.. hope that there is enough love and desire to do so… we are human. We are weak .. sometime we choose the easy path for us just because we grow weary…  but we need to be strong  and believe in our self and our love…
    He is  fun, beautiful, sweet, playful and loving.. it is all I can asked for to be…
    I love you and I never regret the moment I meet you and I have you…. Your so especial that I would wrap myself around you and whisper truly from the depths of my soul how much I truly love you….
    Its short time you’ve gone from me, my heart aches as if it will never heal, my throat clogs with a thousand of tears to shed and stomach clenches and sickening everytime Im longing for you and desired you…wish you were just here.. always here beside me..
Happy Anniversary my LOVE!! cheers !!

  • We love you so freakin' much Hun and we missed you so Much!! 

  • ~~Rhen ,Reggie,Aliyah,Akira~~  

Friday, May 20, 2011

SaMe rouTine:)

Saturday once again and I have same tiry RoUtine :P

Need to wake up early  : It's my market day need to buy all foods I need for a week so i can save some money from my suki.. so freakin' expenssive the foods here in our place as in major major expensive so I dnt have choice but go to Meycauyan :P

10:00 kids wokshop until 2pm : so gonna check on thier stuff! and after wokshop need to go suppliers so i can get some additional works to do for my sewing :P

and if I still have some time I go to the mall to go merchandising .. weee di nga .. uu!

thats the thing i do for sat ngek!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AnyThiNg gOes....: PEeps with CrUel mind and MouTh!

AnyThiNg gOes....: PEeps with CrUel mind and MouTh!: "~freaking need some drinks to cool me down~ Whey people are so freaking happy talking someones life and not just take care thier own bus..."

PEeps with CrUel mind and MouTh!

~freaking need some drinks to cool me down~

Whey people are so freaking happy talking someones life  and not just take care thier own business! CRAP!

I just learned that even how much you try to be nice to them still they were goin to stab your back.. I just feel so bad still they dnt change!

Hey you dont know whats gonna happen the next morning might you wake up and everything is gone.. same thing what happen to JAPAN.. so why not just do good to people around you  and do good to your self ?? I advice those people who has a "talanka" crab mentallity better change for good! and dont add salt on the wounded mind, heart and body .. better keep your mouth shut if you dnt have no good words to say!! MAGBAGO na kayo! dang!! its one  reason why people dnt level up .. pity those people those business is MINDING OTHERS PEOPLE's LIFE!!

and last thing people who surrounds me!! I dnt mind your business and dont mind your life  will you please stop gossipin' and making other peoples life more misserable because your happy that you ruined someones life!!  at least do SOMETHIN" good before you leave this beautiful planet.. dnt make it ugly coz of your crazyness!!

Do GOOD while its not too late! just an advise!!