Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Official: Aliyah is one of the candidate for "Little Angels of Metro Manila"

We make it!! Aliyah was chosen as one of the 100 official candidate for " the Little Angel " of Metro Manila. it's all about modeling and pre- interpretation of angel costume ..  Which will be held at SM North Edsa Annex on December 18,2010 Saturday at 12:30 pm!!

Our next schedule is pictorial  .. also considered the pre judging for the event..
Hoping Lee wont get embarrassed soon the show start and be smart enough to carry her dress :)
SHe's doin okay in front of us but when she see new faces she   she kinda shy type..

She a lot more better now though compare before when I let her join the liltle Ms. SMCA hahaha

Good Luck Leepants!! I know you can make it.. and goin to be pretty with the costume..

Mwuahhh!! I Love you sooo freaking much!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moments of FuN :)

Just attend Christian breakfast Seminar at MAnila HoTel.. :) 

and have our cool dessert at Sofitel.. hahaha so yummy

It's been awhile goin to kewl place and have a chitchat with my friend
releasing stress and have a relaxing moments..

Have fun! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

kids modeling Audition.. :P

A friend of mine forwarded me a message to have my kids try out for modeling audition.. She said to grab this opportunities and try our luck.. :P  She said this is a chance for a life time who knows :P

It's so happen I dnt have much to do on that day so we went to "GO-SEE" for the audition :) and we are lucky that the 3 kids where approved they are one of the 100 contestant for the "100 Metro cutest Baby" SO our next step is orientation and pictorial :) 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

AnyThiNg gOes....: sTart for New Venture..

AnyThiNg gOes....: sTart for New Venture..: "We just started to set up a mini botique in the Makati area its goin to open on the 15th .. oppps its today.. We sell some fashion accessor..."

sTart for New Venture..

We just started to set up a mini botique in the Makati area its goin to open on the 15th .. oppps its today..  We sell some fashion accessories, shirts, and  gowns and we also offer kewl stuff like personalized giveaways, coporate giveaways.

my partners also offers has thier consultancy firm esp if you are just a biggeners into bussines they will help you and guide you how to build up and own a business..

It's tiry but its fun.. we just need to maximized and double our efforts esp we are all working.

planning to start tiangge stall where we can put our sale items esp christmas is fast approaching..


Monday, November 8, 2010

DEpression is a rEal illneSs???

Mostly people get depressed time to time so, theres an eternal question if  is a real illness???

So I check and learned some of the articles about depression which conclude:

Depression is a real illness as it involves the mental, emotional and even physical faculties of the person. It is not just a transient sad feeling that will go away when one wills it to. There are symptoms and signs as well as corresponding treatment. If not handled properly and immediately, it may escalate to worse conditions. Like any other illness, depression has also variations.

There are three types of depressive disorders: major depressivedisorderbipolar disorder and dysthymic disorder.

Major depression is a culmination of all the symptoms and signs that intervene with one's capability to act normally. It can happen once, but recurring episodes are possible.

Its less severe counterpart is dysthymia which is characterized by the same symptoms of major depression, only they do not totally interfere with one's activities. A person who has dysthymic disorder can suffer major depression sometime during his life

Bipolar disorder is also a type of depression that involves drastic mood changes, from being very high one minute to severely depressed the next. The manic cycle can make the person hyper and overenthusiastic but it changes as soon as the depressed cycle hits. The depressed cycle encompasses all the symptoms of depression.

Because depression is an illness, there are symptoms. Again, they are the following:

1. Persistent "empty" feeling

2. Unbelievable hopelessness

3. Feeling guilty and worthless all the time

4. Lack or loss of interests in activities that used to bring joy to the patient and this includes sex.

5. Prominent fatigue

6. Has a difficult time making decisions

7. Development of sleep problems

8. Loss of appetite and drastic weight change or loss

9. Suicidal attempts and thoughts.

10. Pronounced irritability

11. Physical aches and pains that have no physiological basis

The good news is at the end of this dark tunnel called depression, there is hope. Treatment is available in three types: psychotherapy, antidepressant medicine and the combination of the two. There are also times when electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and light therapy are employed. 

So I guess, might it helps you what stage of depression are you..

Mine?? I guess I have it all :P

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just doNe with KIRs ..

We went Divine Mercy for a Sunday MAss and thanks the lord for the blessing and guidance and for giving Kirs another year ...

I plan to take out Kirs for her birthday but Ruby and kiko came to my house and buy cake for Kirakins and spaghetti. and Gina add some pancit to join Kirakins birthday tee heee.  so I just make additional Merienda stuff for kirakins I made a homemade frozen cake shanhai and sandwich hahaha and I dnt have much of visitor so I just invited the sewers to come over to my house and have some small party fun!! It goes  well  and we have a blast.. Opppps Mia and Tintin brought some Ice cream for Kira and MAnong Roger give Refreshmant hahaha.... all good diba :) Have a karoke and chitchat!
Thank you all guys to make kiRakins birthday success!! hugzz!


Thanks Guys!! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy 3rd birThday Akira!!

It's Akira's Birthday today .. my preacious Angel.. my youngest :)

Another Year

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

 We Love you so MuCh baby!! 

Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My KiDdos..

Meet Aliyah the quiet type, smart , and artistic.. most kind and have a big heart.. :) So caring, so sweet but guess what :P So clumsy geeezz.. But she so pretty and so loving :)

She never ge tired writing she prefer coloring or school works rather than playing.. :P 
She is 4 years old and start goin school at age of 2.. 

Love you ALiYah!!!

My beautiful Akira.. The youngest of them all.. so cute and so freaking smart! Love singing and dancing and also doin cat walk hahaha love to be a model someday! 

She so hyper super duper energetic! She's so bosy like mommy hahaha the most naugheist of them all but she is so freaking sweet and very caring you gonna love this freaking smart kid!

Shes goin to turn 3 this 7th of November :)
Happy Birthday Akira!!!

The handsome Reggie the eldest.. I got him when he was 1 month old .. A very sickling baby most of the time we are at the hospital..  His biological parent not given him the right vitamins when he still inside the tummy.. 

His so thin and so picky He ate more than an hour geezzz.  . so at 10 his almost same big as Aliyah .. although his taller than Lee hahaha .. .  

He take care his 2 sibbling although his very naughty love to booo the younges Akira . He is sweet and caring but very jealous guy.. geezzz  also an attention seeker hahaha ..

I just pray Reggie be a good kuya and take care  the 2 girls and they love each other and grow close and sweet, loving to each other.. with no jealousy coz We LOVE him for SURE!!