Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I say wHaT???????

It's JusT a New day ...
It's a NeW LiFe..
and I'm FeELing gOoD
MiRacLes will HaPpen
as we sPeaK...

Start making my new line of bussines
accessories and design for corporate logos,
personal invitation and give aways.

we are still working on the website
so check this out soon!!
Also try to check some location
for my botique..

I'm goin to post it soon everything is finalized.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My SiTe..

Just now we are working on my site in progress.. :) Hoping it all goes well and get all the requirements I need.. :)   Web-siting is kewl but so many things to do and figure out especially Im just new to it..

Tommorow I'm planning to check on the possible site for my sTore in Makati.. Hope we make a good deal with it... Wish me luck!!!!!

Shopping for more and still looking for more suppliers for my items.. I'm excited about it...

Loving what I'm doing now...

Regarding my sewing production.. Planning to expand it by next year.. I need to make deal with new found clients and new source.. I cnt just foccuss on one company .

I need to get back the output we have 2 years ago.. at least 40,000 shirts a month capacity on my sewing line :)

Looking forward for it and hope and pray that Next year will be a better year for me.....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SiLhoueTTe dReaM..

I used to sleep each night alone in my bed
Never bothered by any foreign thoughts
My oblique dreams remembered no more
‘Cause they never found a such place to store

Void dreams have come to fly each night
As the morning comes each dreams’ out of sight
Reckoning for them would just be as blight
For tomorrow’s new day would be bright

Then I met you on the time unexpected
The twist of my mind was still then unprepared
Memories of the past were easily forgotten
For a new silhouette dream to me has come

Vivid picture of you I wish I was awake
To wrap you in my arms for love’s sake
Just like other dream it didn’t stay
The silhouette dream in the morning is gone away

In my silhouette dream you and I were kissing
As long as it was a dream only shadows will remain
Opaque visions of you in that dream you will soon vanish
Because in reality I didn’t even see your face

Now each night that I have this silhouette dream
You became the star of my memory screen
Almost every night you are always the feature
But when I wake up, seeing your face no more

The grandeur appearance of your majestic beauty
In the silhouette dream it come in blissful array
You have taken my daytime to think of you
At nighttime still awake to write this poem for you

Why in my bed at midnight awaken from my sleep
Just to ponder your face in my mind I keep
Hugging a pillow could not ease my heart’s desire
It is the warmth of your hugs that I have longed for

I wish I were your bed in your rest you lay on me
Carrying me all night till the twilight of the day
Oh, my silhouette dream bring this to reality
That my sweet love all night will cling to me

I wish I were your pillow in your sleep to mellow
You’re dripping saliva at your sleep I will follow
Drying it up when the sun comes up tomorrow
Oh silhouette dream, how I wish it would come true

I wish I were your blanket on the night that is cold
To cover for the warmth of your body the love to unfold
But how long would I wait for this dream to behold
Until it is not realized, a silhouette dream is still in mold

As some other nights are still coming
My silhouette dream won’t be leaving
Every remembrance of you will still linger
Until that day when we’ll together

A re-post from my yahoo 360 blog...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

AnyThiNg gOes....: HK FaShiOn tRadesHow eScapade!!

AnyThiNg gOes....: HK FaShiOn tRadesHow eScapade!!: "Twice a year we always go HK to attend the HKTDC fashion faRe trade show.. where we get our contacts, suppliers abroad , new trend design..."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

HK FaShiOn tRadesHow eScapade!!

Twice a year we always go HK to attend the HKTDC fashion faRe trade show.. where we get our contacts, suppliers abroad , new trend design  and accessories... oppps! plus trend colors what to come up for the next season...   This event is kind of interesting show.. sponsored and traders from different country.. We designer's must be updated and must be well informed regarding TRENDS 
HKTDC is one of the largest asian trade fare which held in Hong Kong.. It's a worldwide event... they feature jewelries, toys, accessories, electronics, furniture etc... If its with apparel related stuff it always fall during January and July... you can learn and adopt lotsa ideas and design and also teach you updates about the trends and also sourcing for materials and accessories.

I found "some" of my pix to share about this event..  I started attending the fare way back year 1996 up to the present :)

July 2010 Latest event we attend for HKTDC exhibit

This was Taken July 2009

This was taken January 2008 event for fall/ winter season :)

Taken July 2008 -- Summer cOLLections'

Taken January 2007

SoMe pix to follow .. :P I'm sleepy na.. LaTerz!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

AnyThiNg gOes....: My cRazeNuT!!

AnyThiNg gOes....: My cRazeNuT!!: "Did I Ever Tell You, Just How Special You Are to me?? Did I Ever Tell You that How Important You Make mE Feel... And I am Smiling About Lo..."

My cRazeNuT!!

Did I Ever Tell You,
Just How Special You Are to me??
Did I Ever Tell You that How Important You Make mE Feel... 

And I am Smiling About Love that is so Real

Did I Ever Tell You that Many Times When I am Sad you Make me Smile and brighter my day.. It makes me glad for

the Time You Spend Sending Things
And Sharing whatever You Find
here are No Words to Thank You
But, I Thinks You're Sooo Fine

Did I Ever Tell You
Just How Much I Love you..
Well, My Dearest Marshall
Today I am Telling You

That I am Freaking Love you!!
I believe that without you
in my life is missing out on a lot!!!