Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Your Daily Horoscope

You are almost obsessively focused on learning right now. You may decide to start up a new home-study course, order a set of cassettes or books, and spend a lot of your off-time pouring over the books. This may not be a bad thing - it will be good for your self-esteem, for one.

Hmmm .... Lotsa self steem I need :)  And right I'm super foccused so I can finally get back on my feet..

Im more than halfway I almost there.. just lil patience and sacrifices.. more hard work and I can aim for the star.. :)

Bussines?? Is  improving
WorK??  need more to foccus Im catching up
Life?? better off than before..
kids? getting smarter , and growing older and prettier
Man?? stiill 7000miles away and super onery right now.. and so unpredictable..

Now Im thinking... :P

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ViCtory foR KiRakiNs! :)

Akira just made it !! She's the GRAND WINNER of the "100 cutest babies of Metro Manila" !!

Akira's awards, trophies and prizes she got winning the Grand prize for 00 cutest babies of Metro Manila

AkiRa's in The News Paper!!
( Manila Times lifestyle section) Innovision Entertainment 2nd ad's for the 100 cutest babies.

I'm just so proud of my baby !! One of the best!!! 

MomMy and daddy Loves you KiRakins!

Keep up the good work and wishing you more projects to come!!

She really into arts and love singing, dancing and modeling :)