Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcoming year 2011 year of the rabbit!!!

2010 is really a tough year for me.. I just experienced what hard life is.. how to lived with it and survive with it! ..How people laugh at me and try to put me down and make a lot of issue towards me.. people I thought I trust and a friend but you will just knew that they are the one stabbing my back.. hard to trust people now and how hard to see who's real concern and pretending to be concerned..

A lesson life thought me to be  more braver, wiser and stronger women...  It even comes to life that Im nowhere to run, lost insanity and almost give up life..  but seing my kids where I get all my strenght and hope in life that keep me holding on to fight and survive. and try to look for the brighter side and think possitively..

2011 I still have some issue to resolve.. But praying it all just end up on the 1st quarter.. I want to end up all difficulties and hardship right now.. I have some offer and some good deal and I'm thinkin million times before grabing it...

One more thing! Hard to be one man army.. It's so freaking nuts..

Dunno where life will goin to leads me but hoping for the best this year.. I'm goin to start from the scratch.. Dunno up to where my family will support me.. Both of us having an issue of difficulties..

It's really hard.. super hard.. but still hoping for the best and move more wiser this time...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shows On!

It's show time!!!

10:30 am - Rehearsal call time but its all started at 12:00 noon :P I was fraustrated coz Lee doesnt cooperate she has a tantrums.. didnt join the individual rehearsal.. :(   

1:00 pm mood changed finally she joined the group :) kinda relieve but as you can see she's onery and not even smiling but all good coz she's cooperative now.

1:30 pm.. break! resumed at 3:00 pm to get the official number of the candidates and must be in thier full costume and get ready for the mall parade at 4:00 pm..

so we just take some snacks and get Aliyah ready for the parade.. 

Each of the  candidates will going to give and share a gift for the street childrens. 

4:30 parade starts!
Walk intire mall from Annex to main then to sky garden.. and back to the homebase...
we are giving 15 minutes to refreshen the kids and the show will start!

SHows start almost 6:00pm  till midnight!
Great show it was a success!! only the long intruduction of the 100 teen fashionista candidates mostly parents get pissed of coz kids are getting tired and it was a long day for them..  they should just only make a brief introduction for the Teen fashionista's anyways maybe they get a hardtime who will goin to receive the awards :P

The Best thing and exciting was finally receiving an awards.. Aliyah gets 2 awards " Star horizon award" and "Most angelic face" must receive the awards in full costume but Lee gets tired and so she doesnt want to wear her wings anymore... :P the worst thing she doesnt want to go stage without me geez ... 

Show was tiry but successful!! Cheers!
Thanks Innovation for the wonderful experience..

Lee wants to thanks her sponsors :
Mauren Ocampo
Ding Ang
tita Ruby
tito Francis

And thank you Lord for all the wonderful things happening
for the guidance, love and strenght.. even lots of trials, hardship
goin through my life.. Amen

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Angel.. :)

My pretty Angel Lee.. :) 

I just did all the costume design and the costume it self.. Rather than buying those freaking expenssive wings and dress I made it and sew it all by my self.. opps with the help of kiko and ruby hahaha they help me with the wings feather attachment.. :P

I save a lot of money :P rather than paying 2,500 for the wings w/o the rossete and gold emblem.. I just paid for the materials less than 500 woohoooo!!!

and instead paying for the dress of 2,000.00  I have some remnats of barbie fabrics and just but the designed tule for 110.00 pesos hehehe (good I have knowledge in sewing plus I have a sewing machines ... so its all good :)  only the effort and design eat my time..

even for the shoes i just buy the sandals for 179.00 and I just add rose ornaments and just ties it up..

who will think it just cost me all in all less than a thousand! woohoooo!

but when I buy the gold rose and rossette it cozt me more than a thousand pesos hehehe mre expenssive than the wings and the dress hehehe...

Goodluck to my Lee pants!!! Hope she make it in the finals :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

So this is it!

Yeah it's the 7th day of December and its my birthday.. i just turned 39 geez ... Just so freaking funny coz I'm still cnt get through it .. lol.. I always thought I'm just 30 hahaha i stop counting my age and I just tried to figure out today when I use addition and subtraction.. :P

Thing still hard right now .. or say it worst but not as worst as before.. I still cnt get up my feet on the ground but i rty hard even I crawl just to get better..

BUt so hard so freaking hard... anyways theres always light at the end of the tunnel.. and I see hope..

and the good news is.. Aliyah is goin to have her 1st fashion show .. this comming Saturday!
whuoa shes goin to have a hectic schedule..

Friday rehersal.. for the fashion show..
Saturday Morning - pictorial for the lil angel event on the 18th
Saturday Afternoon will be the fashion show .. :)

18th she will be goin to compete with 100 little angel for metro manila..

thats so freaking hectic schdule..
plus we have 5 fashion show event on the 16th, 21,26, 28 the other one still unknown what date it is goin to be.

And Akira SHE's in .. also goin to compete the Metro Manila 100's cutest baby... That would be on February and goin to have pictorials on January.. Shows intended for Valentines day :)


hahhh life... so exciting, so complicated and so freaking hard! But I'm so proud of my kids!!!

Go..goooooo gurls :) I'm goin to have pretty girls on the ramp!! woohoooooo!!