Friday, October 22, 2010

My SiTe..

Just now we are working on my site in progress.. :) Hoping it all goes well and get all the requirements I need.. :)   Web-siting is kewl but so many things to do and figure out especially Im just new to it..

Tommorow I'm planning to check on the possible site for my sTore in Makati.. Hope we make a good deal with it... Wish me luck!!!!!

Shopping for more and still looking for more suppliers for my items.. I'm excited about it...

Loving what I'm doing now...

Regarding my sewing production.. Planning to expand it by next year.. I need to make deal with new found clients and new source.. I cnt just foccuss on one company .

I need to get back the output we have 2 years ago.. at least 40,000 shirts a month capacity on my sewing line :)

Looking forward for it and hope and pray that Next year will be a better year for me.....

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