Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Your Daily Horoscope

You are almost obsessively focused on learning right now. You may decide to start up a new home-study course, order a set of cassettes or books, and spend a lot of your off-time pouring over the books. This may not be a bad thing - it will be good for your self-esteem, for one.

Hmmm .... Lotsa self steem I need :)  And right I'm super foccused so I can finally get back on my feet..

Im more than halfway I almost there.. just lil patience and sacrifices.. more hard work and I can aim for the star.. :)

Bussines?? Is  improving
WorK??  need more to foccus Im catching up
Life?? better off than before..
kids? getting smarter , and growing older and prettier
Man?? stiill 7000miles away and super onery right now.. and so unpredictable..

Now Im thinking... :P

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