Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PEeps with CrUel mind and MouTh!

~freaking need some drinks to cool me down~

Whey people are so freaking happy talking someones life  and not just take care thier own business! CRAP!

I just learned that even how much you try to be nice to them still they were goin to stab your back.. I just feel so bad still they dnt change!

Hey you dont know whats gonna happen the next morning might you wake up and everything is gone.. same thing what happen to JAPAN.. so why not just do good to people around you  and do good to your self ?? I advice those people who has a "talanka" crab mentallity better change for good! and dont add salt on the wounded mind, heart and body .. better keep your mouth shut if you dnt have no good words to say!! MAGBAGO na kayo! dang!! its one  reason why people dnt level up .. pity those people those business is MINDING OTHERS PEOPLE's LIFE!!

and last thing people who surrounds me!! I dnt mind your business and dont mind your life  will you please stop gossipin' and making other peoples life more misserable because your happy that you ruined someones life!!  at least do SOMETHIN" good before you leave this beautiful planet.. dnt make it ugly coz of your crazyness!!

Do GOOD while its not too late! just an advise!!

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