Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just doNe with KIRs ..

We went Divine Mercy for a Sunday MAss and thanks the lord for the blessing and guidance and for giving Kirs another year ...

I plan to take out Kirs for her birthday but Ruby and kiko came to my house and buy cake for Kirakins and spaghetti. and Gina add some pancit to join Kirakins birthday tee heee.  so I just make additional Merienda stuff for kirakins I made a homemade frozen cake shanhai and sandwich hahaha and I dnt have much of visitor so I just invited the sewers to come over to my house and have some small party fun!! It goes  well  and we have a blast.. Opppps Mia and Tintin brought some Ice cream for Kira and MAnong Roger give Refreshmant hahaha.... all good diba :) Have a karoke and chitchat!
Thank you all guys to make kiRakins birthday success!! hugzz!


Thanks Guys!! 

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