Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Official: Aliyah is one of the candidate for "Little Angels of Metro Manila"

We make it!! Aliyah was chosen as one of the 100 official candidate for " the Little Angel " of Metro Manila. it's all about modeling and pre- interpretation of angel costume ..  Which will be held at SM North Edsa Annex on December 18,2010 Saturday at 12:30 pm!!

Our next schedule is pictorial  .. also considered the pre judging for the event..
Hoping Lee wont get embarrassed soon the show start and be smart enough to carry her dress :)
SHe's doin okay in front of us but when she see new faces she   she kinda shy type..

She a lot more better now though compare before when I let her join the liltle Ms. SMCA hahaha

Good Luck Leepants!! I know you can make it.. and goin to be pretty with the costume..

Mwuahhh!! I Love you sooo freaking much!!

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  1. wooohooo... inaanak ko yan!!! go go go anako! you can do it! labyo