Saturday, July 9, 2011

HaRd LiFe..

Dang it!! This Jeep is soOoo Heavy .. ngek!! I need lots of effort to push it hard!!

How are you guys ?? Its been awhile .. Just having a hard time here dealing with unfinished business it's like a turmoil that keeps commin in.. I cnt stop it. But thats life they say God wont give you a problem you cnt solve. He wont give you burden that you cnt carry on your shoulders. Life's been crazy n toxic! sometimes I cnt help but cry. Its so hard to be the head of the family esp the kind of culture we have here in PH.  They say when it rains it pours! but after the rain theirs a rainbow comes in . It means thiers still a brighter side of life. I wanna thank my Hun even how upset and problimatic I am his always there beside me givin me advise and has a lots of patience to understand my outburst in life.. My kids who rock my world that keep me on stake ! Make me stronger I just love them sooo much.
For my Family hope everyone is okay now and in good health and also in good wealth ..  No one will goin to get sick again EVER!!

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