Thursday, July 14, 2011

SoMeThing to ShAre..

Real Love.. is all five. It is epithymia, eros, storge, agape and philia. There must be strong sexual interest. It is neither encompassing, nor sole determination of a strong bond between mature persons. It is only one of the few important that make our relationship works.
Respect and admiration work for both person giving them high regard for each other and themselves.
Friendship and fellowship means having plenty of things in common. Sorry if its not entirely accurate that opposites attract. It may be fun for a while but… being too many things in common creates argument, too. Domineering partners tend to swallow the other space, rights, and individuality. This can be work if one partner is masochist and the other, sadist.
Tender feelin allows solace and refuge from the harshness of our world. Who can refuse a shoulder or a hug? I mean, I know I love to be hugs- I cnt get enough of them – so I know you do too. Love can also be means a shoulder to cry on when our burdens are too heavy to bear alone.
Of corz a good partnership also means being able to love “ in spite of”  We all have unlovable traits and a true lover can look past these and love even they don’t deserve it.

5 wondrous word of LOVE from the Greeks..

Epithymia – sensual love or strong desire.
Eros       - some as misinterpreted as epithymia  but has a broader meaning that also can mean love of god..  C.E. Lewis describe eros  as “ falling inlove”
Philia      - brotherly love – the kind of love shared by the companion, friends and as a result of so many things in common and things lot to share.
Storge    - Is a love by parents and children
Agape     - I s a kind of love shared with self giving regardless of rewards..

How about you guys what real LOVE means to you???

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