Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Up!

Life isnt perfect, that much we all know and yet, some of us okay, a lot of us feel like pressing the panic button when you were faced with tough issue, no matter how insignificant it really is. Dealing with negativity, battling out with your boss, having to tell a friend to shape up her friendship skills, Money matters and as well as honey matters.. ( no not what you think.. its just the situation we have right now a miles apart relationship. we are working on it doh’ and we just wish its sooner) its difficult to keep you cool when life throws you a curveball.
Some up of my Hassles in life ..
I’m easily pissed of if theres a false rumor goin on bout me.. Esp things I didn’t do. I really get upset. A good friend told me to keep cool. She told me I shouldn’t stroke the fire by showing people how distressed I felt. Should I or I shoudnt ignore them? My honey told me just to ignore it.. sooo… I just keep calm and steady and remind myself that the dish about me is a bogus……

Heres how to keep my self cool even if life hand me a lemon…

I take a deep breath…. It help me relax and deflect my anger.
I’m not alone… I have my cool friends, my family, and my honey..
Have an outlet…. I took kick boxing, paintings, gym, or any activity that usually different from what I do at work and at home..
Learn and move on… might I lost a bit of pride, chip of my ego, and some of money but I gain some priceless: wisdom and maturity
Tell someone who cares about me.... Its good to just let it out to people you can totally trust and be myself…

How about you??

A re-post from my y360 blog :)

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