Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you sTand with fake,liars,backstabbers,and 2 face people???

Yay!! can you stand with it living with Fake, LiaRs, bacKstabbers and 2 face peopLe???
Do you have a horrible experience of your own??

Oh well lets face it! We do meet a lot of people some are good  some are so mean and evil,  people whom you think you can trust but truth is they are the worst people you might encountered in your life . the fake. liars ,backstabbers and 2 faced people.. Since I've been down I realized those kind of people . " there is a saying: you will know who your friends are when your in your worst side of life" but not just friends.. who will tame you and laughed at you.. but the people surrounds you that knows you.

I'm very aware of them now!

People nice to you but when you turned around they are goin to say lots of worse thing ever about you!

How to catch them??

Just open your eyes and be observant..  if they do it to other and nice to other but when that person talk to you and say worst thing about that"other" then be aware of!
Some good people hear what they say towards you and tell you about it! (prove it!)

Dealing with them??

better just to stay away with them.. but if you dont have an option... just be aware of or  try to aviod and dnt say anything specially personal thing about your life. if its below the belt and you proven they say something off to you.. CONFRONT them! people like them are coward and can be scared off especially they know that you know what they are doing and for sure they are goin to deny but at least they are going to stop for awhile..

Now that your aware about it and cant get them out of your system specially if they are neighborhood or co-workers or some friend.. keep all conversation to a minimum of small talk. DOnt ever dare go down with their level and stab back. Avoid private time with them if you can, be cordial and polite but dnt get in with thier drama in life that always seems unfold with them.

   I thank the LORD for always there with me during my times of trouble he always guide me and lift me up. I know things happens for a reason.. It makes me more aware of things and people surround me.. and make me more smarter and stronger. 

                                                                             Laterz....... RHEN :)

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