Thursday, September 9, 2010

LeTs taLk about me.. :)

ALryt guys!! I graduated with Bachelors degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts at University of the East  :)  During my collage days our business was bankrupt but my parents work so hard so that they can help me pursue my collage degree to the extent of borrowing money with high interest just to support me with my studies and same thing with me I need to work and live with my uncle so i get a free meal .. It's really so hard to work and study at same time.. but, as what my parents told us EDUCATION is our key to success.. and they are freakin' right !! After my graduation the next day I already got job.

my first job was a CARTOONIST.. we work on X-man, Ninja Turtles, Disney character etc..  I did it for just 3 months I dnt like the people plus I feel I'm not goin to improve myself in this field.. I'll be just a cartoonist artist for  rest of my life and if ever you get promoted .. its all just but a senior artist.. so, I resigned and find another one..

I tried to work in ADVERTISING company.. It's fun but I get tired location is so freaking far it's in Makati and I live in Bulacan plus I always need to work overtime. I bumped someone in a jeep where I commute and he seen my portfolio with me so he asked if I'm an Artist.. I told him yeah! so he gave me his number and told me to go to his office coz they are in need of a Fashion designer.

so I get hired! FASHION DESIGNER- Gutsby International Fashion Company :) I Love the people, the boss, and my new found group/friend.. who taught me about garments business and my boss Jerome even give me capital /a chance for me to have a small business..  I started with 6 sewing machines.. they give me /support me with sewing jobs and just deducted small amount of money in my collectibles till i finished paying my loan .. so cool diba!

Some issues get with Amy and Ronnie and it gets to the point that they need to resign so I was bump out dunno if I go with them or stay with the company which I worked for 5 years..  and I just decided to work with them.. as a team.. I didnt know that they have a plan for us... the next day they call me and told me that they have a financier  and we need to get ready coz we are goin to work in a new company..

and thats IFCI.. I was promoted as Assistant Merchandiser and designer..  and aside from that job during MWF after office hour from 6pm to 10pm  we work on a new brand BELLE ..  and TTH we work on BLUE CORNER .. kida busy dnt ya!! plus I have Kazby brand where I design every saturday and Sunday.. whuoaaa and submit design for graphic kiddie shirt design  at least 20 to 50 design a week .. whhoooo! I work almost everyday at IFCI but during afternoon of MWF I need to report at Clinton for design submission for their tops apparel .. we get a consultation fee  and we divide it as a group. .. AMY and Ronnie dnt work full time in IFCI they handling other brand during TTH ..the BLUE TAB..  I get tired and I learned that there's some issue between them with my boss so I tried to get OUT with my group I dnt want to involve with it.. and when Doddie learned about it he offer me to work at CLINTON so I submit resignation letter to my BOSS J.. she tried to talk to me and convinced me not to resign she rather prefer to get me rather than them but I have this "utang na loob" for Amy and ROnnie plus I already accepted Doddie offer .. plus the 2 guys is already upset/mad at me for moving out .. so I dnt want to add on some salt in thier wounded feeling towards me..  I think a million times about this.. I dnt want to be at thier shadow for the rest of my life and I want change...  I want to prove something for my self ..  and I guess I did the right choice.

I become a MERCHANDISER MNGR/ DESIGNER at Clinton.. everything works so fine..  I work and same-thing handling my own Business.. I just concentrate on the brand I handle plus concentrate my sewing business.. from 6 sewing machine goes up to 40 machines.. I have 3 networks  I supplied for known local brands like BARBIE SHIRTS, HOTWEELSHIRTS, ELLE, BLOWING BUBBLES, PAZZO, PADDOCK'S, TIARA, CRISSA.. and lot more  ..

Just crazy rumors gets into me.. as in crazy crazy crazy!! They told me that i do design in some other brand..  YES i GET some work from other brand but I DONT do design for them. geezzz!

    I dont do sidelines or making design for other brand anymore.. I just get sewing WORK for them for my sewing business I just supplied shirts for them but they are the one who supplied the design for me.
but RUMORS spreading and never stop.. and even get worst gezzz about me getting money from printers and they pay me 20,000 pesos a month OMG... they are only printers and even just offer services.. If they only think right.. anyways I just forget those presumption they throw for me as long my conscience is CLEAR!

       A tragic thing happens last 2009.. I lost a dear friend of mine.. MAVERICK he the one who help me a lot..  Because of his lost some of my P.O. 's from pazzo and extreme approval was get delayed ..  which cost me to get a finance credits which earns interest and thats a millions of pesos..  I thought delays of approval will took only a month.. geez but it takes  almost 8 months before designed was finally approve.. I get the P.O. in sometime February and finally approve in september..

SEPTEMBER typhoon Ondoy hit us ! the whole first floor of my house was drowned.. where some of my machines and my cutting table was located and lots of fabrics was exposed due for last quarter production .. PEAK season.. even my Nissan X-TRAIL was there at my carpark and got drowned.. :(

I was devastated..  dunno why it happened.. lots of question asked... but I know IT ALL HAPPENS FOR A REASON..  I know there's a reason behind this. God will not goin to give me this burden if I cnt carry the cross..

Marshall need to go back state so he can help me work on this thing.. I'm lot more better now ( I thought Im goin crazy  and cnt handle the problem anymore).. from 4 millions of pesos pay off its down now to hundreds of thousand.. little by little I know I can get over..  

I lost my capital.. I lost some of my sewers... I've lost my car.. I need to sell some of my machines so I can get money to pay off my sewers.. I should not stop .. I need to be strong.. I have my people who still there and need my company to support them and there family.. I still have "some" friends who help me when I'm down. Supplier who still trust me and give me a chance to move on... I'm 17 years in this business industry.. So I know I still can make it and get up and get back on my feet on the ground..

I know now who my truly friends are.. people laughing at me and happy watching my downfall I pity them.. maybe just Maybe they have this hidden feeling of jealousy and envy in their heart..

I will do all things so that I can get back on my feet.. I've been there and I know I still can make it up there! I have the guts and knowledge that typhoon did not take away from me..

If I need to work 10 company again I will do that just to get back on my feet anyways they were thinking I'm doin sidelines so .. BE IT!! at least if they talk about it this time its for real!!


  1. this is a very inspiring story...just keep moving forward. there is always "light" at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Always!! I never lose HOPEs :) Thanks sis!