Monday, December 6, 2010

So this is it!

Yeah it's the 7th day of December and its my birthday.. i just turned 39 geez ... Just so freaking funny coz I'm still cnt get through it .. lol.. I always thought I'm just 30 hahaha i stop counting my age and I just tried to figure out today when I use addition and subtraction.. :P

Thing still hard right now .. or say it worst but not as worst as before.. I still cnt get up my feet on the ground but i rty hard even I crawl just to get better..

BUt so hard so freaking hard... anyways theres always light at the end of the tunnel.. and I see hope..

and the good news is.. Aliyah is goin to have her 1st fashion show .. this comming Saturday!
whuoa shes goin to have a hectic schedule..

Friday rehersal.. for the fashion show..
Saturday Morning - pictorial for the lil angel event on the 18th
Saturday Afternoon will be the fashion show .. :)

18th she will be goin to compete with 100 little angel for metro manila..

thats so freaking hectic schdule..
plus we have 5 fashion show event on the 16th, 21,26, 28 the other one still unknown what date it is goin to be.

And Akira SHE's in .. also goin to compete the Metro Manila 100's cutest baby... That would be on February and goin to have pictorials on January.. Shows intended for Valentines day :)


hahhh life... so exciting, so complicated and so freaking hard! But I'm so proud of my kids!!!

Go..goooooo gurls :) I'm goin to have pretty girls on the ramp!! woohoooooo!!

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