Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shows On!

It's show time!!!

10:30 am - Rehearsal call time but its all started at 12:00 noon :P I was fraustrated coz Lee doesnt cooperate she has a tantrums.. didnt join the individual rehearsal.. :(   

1:00 pm mood changed finally she joined the group :) kinda relieve but as you can see she's onery and not even smiling but all good coz she's cooperative now.

1:30 pm.. break! resumed at 3:00 pm to get the official number of the candidates and must be in thier full costume and get ready for the mall parade at 4:00 pm..

so we just take some snacks and get Aliyah ready for the parade.. 

Each of the  candidates will going to give and share a gift for the street childrens. 

4:30 parade starts!
Walk intire mall from Annex to main then to sky garden.. and back to the homebase...
we are giving 15 minutes to refreshen the kids and the show will start!

SHows start almost 6:00pm  till midnight!
Great show it was a success!! only the long intruduction of the 100 teen fashionista candidates mostly parents get pissed of coz kids are getting tired and it was a long day for them..  they should just only make a brief introduction for the Teen fashionista's anyways maybe they get a hardtime who will goin to receive the awards :P

The Best thing and exciting was finally receiving an awards.. Aliyah gets 2 awards " Star horizon award" and "Most angelic face" must receive the awards in full costume but Lee gets tired and so she doesnt want to wear her wings anymore... :P the worst thing she doesnt want to go stage without me geez ... 

Show was tiry but successful!! Cheers!
Thanks Innovation for the wonderful experience..

Lee wants to thanks her sponsors :
Mauren Ocampo
Ding Ang
tita Ruby
tito Francis

And thank you Lord for all the wonderful things happening
for the guidance, love and strenght.. even lots of trials, hardship
goin through my life.. Amen

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