Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcoming year 2011 year of the rabbit!!!

2010 is really a tough year for me.. I just experienced what hard life is.. how to lived with it and survive with it! ..How people laugh at me and try to put me down and make a lot of issue towards me.. people I thought I trust and a friend but you will just knew that they are the one stabbing my back.. hard to trust people now and how hard to see who's real concern and pretending to be concerned..

A lesson life thought me to be  more braver, wiser and stronger women...  It even comes to life that Im nowhere to run, lost insanity and almost give up life..  but seing my kids where I get all my strenght and hope in life that keep me holding on to fight and survive. and try to look for the brighter side and think possitively..

2011 I still have some issue to resolve.. But praying it all just end up on the 1st quarter.. I want to end up all difficulties and hardship right now.. I have some offer and some good deal and I'm thinkin million times before grabing it...

One more thing! Hard to be one man army.. It's so freaking nuts..

Dunno where life will goin to leads me but hoping for the best this year.. I'm goin to start from the scratch.. Dunno up to where my family will support me.. Both of us having an issue of difficulties..

It's really hard.. super hard.. but still hoping for the best and move more wiser this time...

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