Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Angel.. :)

My pretty Angel Lee.. :) 

I just did all the costume design and the costume it self.. Rather than buying those freaking expenssive wings and dress I made it and sew it all by my self.. opps with the help of kiko and ruby hahaha they help me with the wings feather attachment.. :P

I save a lot of money :P rather than paying 2,500 for the wings w/o the rossete and gold emblem.. I just paid for the materials less than 500 woohoooo!!!

and instead paying for the dress of 2,000.00  I have some remnats of barbie fabrics and just but the designed tule for 110.00 pesos hehehe (good I have knowledge in sewing plus I have a sewing machines ... so its all good :)  only the effort and design eat my time..

even for the shoes i just buy the sandals for 179.00 and I just add rose ornaments and just ties it up..

who will think it just cost me all in all less than a thousand! woohoooo!

but when I buy the gold rose and rossette it cozt me more than a thousand pesos hehehe mre expenssive than the wings and the dress hehehe...

Goodluck to my Lee pants!!! Hope she make it in the finals :)

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