Thursday, June 16, 2011

BiKoL, Philippines ... my HoMeTown :)

When I get back to check my multiply  blogs I see sOme pix which featured my hometown.. and I wanna share it with you.. :)

And this is the first time Aliyah ride an airplane :)

A Re-post

GroSs!! KNow what???? I was super duper toxic to the max and really stressed out a friend of mine told me to go to her place so i can supply her goods souvenir items to produce for her. Her place is at Sorsogon and just one and half hour drive from our place in Daraga, Albay.. It's been long time since I visit bikol so I finally decided to come over instead just talk about the business her in Manila... So that I can refresh and relax a bit..  Also I can check our house their coz lots of problems on tenants regarding rental.. many purpose of visit and the important of them all is to unwind ... hehehe here some of my pictures to share.. by the way it's only me kiko and Lee pants .....

Good news my friends finally the NIA 3 is open to public now .. it starts operating now .. More convenient, cleaner, bigger, and bit upgraded airport for us.

Terminal Fee....

It's Lee's first time riding an airplane...

While waiting for our plane.. Lee's kinda excited for our flights..

Views Inside the airplane! Lee never scared a bit woohoo!

We went to Sorsogon, Tabaco Albay, Camalig. and Daraga
I wanna share to you some of our pics!
Rizal Beach Sorsogon, White beach resort.. so freaking cool not commercialized unlike boracay but clean clear beach resort you can find.. clear water and white sand.

Looking arround!

So peaceful.. It's no longer summer time here and vacation was over so we are alone in this place.. we are free to do whatever we want to do...
and take note .. beach here are so cheap we need topay 20.00 per head for entrace and just 200.00 for the cottage and if we want to stay overnight it cost 1,000 a day only..:D

Look at it.. so magnificent!

so peaceful and relax

Some of the flower I've seen arround

Signage and name of the beach near the entrance... so to remember the resort..:D

Fisherman area.. while were on our way to Rizal beach..

Some of the views you will see while on the car!

Grasses! Weather is so cool ! hot ..

Onother Place in Sorsogon.. Milas Hot Spring resort!

Spring water came from the Bulusan Volcano... one of the active volcano in Sorsogon. 
Water Spring is way so Hot.. good to sit down and relax..  esp during night time.. you dnt goin to get cold freaking nice temp.
A continues flowing water.. not stagnant so all clean.. So cool I really enjoyed it..

Lee's back riding.. kinda scared coz water so hot..:D

Full view of the spring resort.. 
actually they have 3 pools
and check out the rate.. just 25 pesos per head plus cottage woohooo!

Ooops! I've been here alot times but not Lee pants :P
SKYLINE PARK at Tabaco, Albay
Overlooking .. you can see the full views of Albay
It's also the starting point if you want to hike the creater of the Mayon Volcano..
It will takes you 2 days to reach  on the top.

Rain pours!

the blue dome you see outside is the planetarium.. 

Playing with Lee pants

Check us out!

So freaking cool here you can even feel the clouds.. Its like you can touch the sky..:P
Expactacular views your goin to experience

See the fog when the clouds pass by....

Some of the cool shed you can see and use if you wanna go picnic
all for free :)

Feel the cool air.. more colder than Baguio or Tagaytay....
esp during last quarter of the season

Another place we visit is the Hoyop hoyopan cave in Camalig Albay
just 30 minutes drive from our place in daraga

Lee and kiko.. trying to get out in that small opening of the cave...

make some pose..:D
Small bats you can see inside the cave...

Daraga Church.. One of historical place in Albay... It,s located at the top of the mountain so incase there's an eruption people has a safe place to hide..  Its built by all ladies during that time and thats why the town it self called DARAGA or in tagalog DALAGA.. lady or single ladies...

At the other side of the church.. Lee's looking arround..

There you go at the other side of the church where you can see the full view of the perfect cone Mayon Volcano.. freaking cool diba???

The Cagsaua Ruins... 
Tower of the church which only seen after the erruption..
lots of people where burried alive here.

Lee's checking the place !

Picking some flowers..

Look at that..

We also visit the busay falls....

My bro..KIKO..

Busay Falls....

Some more of it...

BULUSAN LAKE... one of cool tourist spot you can see in Sorsogon... 
Lakes sourounded by mountains and a creater of volcano with another volcano in it...

Soooo cool diba??

Balsa! Man's fishing...

Just Amazed me with the cool scenery esp when your there and see the virgin forest and the old tall trees in the area

thats the volcano you can see in bulusan lake

After checking the white beach in Rizal
here's the black sand beach in Sto.Dominggo Albay..

Scene during sunset.. Sea almost touch the clouds ..

The other side of the beach...
Lee checking out the place... first time she seen a black sand beach resort.. All beach near the Mayon volcano were black sand.. and with crystal  clear water ...

Infront of the beach you can see this majestic view of a perfect cone Mayon Volcano.
Still lots of pics to share but I'll just do it next time ..I'm tired loading it na..hehehe
Hope you Enjoy.. and If you wanna go to my place just give me a call and I can be your tour guide..hehehe :D
Take Care and God bless!


  1. the way the sun shines. I can only imagine how beautiful if would be to whats it...very lovely

  2. thanks for the visit :) yeah! for sure.. :)