Friday, June 3, 2011

Just got bored and Been crazy lately...
Thinkin lotsa thing what to do in life....
Whats the future ahead.. how to forgive and forget and just deal with positive aura..

I already learned how to deal with my emotions and how to handle my problems..
How just to ignore people who says sH*ts at my back and who add salt on my wound .. cRaps!isn't it??  All this cRaps and things happen gives me a huge lesson in life.. and the only thing to prove my self is to get back my feet on the ground.. and happy to say that I'm almost getting there.. maybe just a little push and I'm there again..  A new me ..a more stronger and more wiser me..  after that storm in my life that hits me.. I see the sun shine again.. and that would be good start ..

The happy moments of my life and where I get my strength is where i passed home in the bossom of my kids and with the love and support of my hubby..

And some of my friends here at FB :) Not seen them for real but they been good to me throughout the season.. I might not been talking a lot but hope they can feel the warmth of my love and how grateful I am they are in my life.

I miss the old days, so many laughter so many friends but seem so many fakes and you will know the real person around you once you stumble and fall..

But now.. better just work.. and workkk.. and workkkk...  and little fun :P
and fixed things to get back to normal life :)

Not active as before online.. but for sure all my good friend here is not forgotten.. :)

Have a nice weekend evryoNe!!

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