Friday, June 10, 2011

Yaki Mix.. Japs resto :)

If you like a japanese food better try YakiMiX smokeless grilled restaurant.. You gonna love the ambiance and very affordable price for buffet. They have lots of variety of dishes ..  they have selection of raw .. like sushi, sashimi, maki so many to offer .. :P

 cOok food like tempura  shirmp, onions, squid, eggplant and they have lechon and even replinished every 5 minutes..  so you can eat like there's no tomorrow.. :P

And they have this cooking your own food grilling choices.. barbecue, seafoods, diff stuff of bacons with vegies that you sure gonna love.. with a seasoning you liking so it so food taste so freaking yummy :P

Dessert?? guesss it muct be everyones favorites from cakes, pastries, fesh fruits, gummy candies, selection of different flavored ice cream and popsicles.. and drink all you can refreshment woohoooo!! My daughter aliyah love it so much :)

I just so love Maki and so sushi and all the sea foods esp the shirmp which shown on the pix below.. as if i dnt want to leave the restaurant and I just wanna stay and eat there forever ... LOL

Ohh by the way I'm seafood MonsTer hehehe love lovin' eating this kind of stuff .. hmmmm

  It's all good that we just choose YakiMix  place for our OffiCe bonding moment.. EveryOne had fun and go out with full stomach hehehe .. so, It's wise to wear loose dress or shirt if your goin to eat buffet dinner...

Yakimix with pdx staff :)
Dated: 06.08.11

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